Compliance Officers:
Monitor Your Employee Brokerage Accounts with EmployeeTrack™

Free, fully electronic and easy signup and use

EmployeeTrack™ for Employee Compliance

  • Consolidate your employees' trading activity from Interactive Brokers and other brokers under a single platform at no charge.
  • Electronic access to employee trade activity. Daily reports on all employee trading accounts held at IB are automatically transmitted to your legal department to ensure ongoing compliance with in-house and external reporting requirements.
  • Custom feeds available for third party monitoring software.
  • Send application invitations to employees and have a new employee account automatically linked.
  • Restrict your employees from trading designated symbols.
  • Customer-specific report design sends only the account data you request, such as trade confirmations, positions, interest and commissions, taxes, and fees.

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EmployeeTrack Structure

A single account linked to multiple individual, joint, trust and IRA employee accounts for the purpose of monitoring their trading activity.

Account Information

EmployeeTrackSM provides a simple, cost-effective solution for organizations such as exchanges, hedge funds, mutual funds, brokers, banks, and insurance companies, who are required to monitor their employees' trading activity.

Note: Once you sign up for EmployeeTrack, you will no longer receive employee statements by email.

Accounts are accepted from citizens or residents of all countries except citizens or residents of those countries that are prohibited by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. Click here for a list of available countries.

Additional Documentation

EmployeeTrack Management PDF Guide EmployeeTrack Brochure PDF

Employee Marketing Handout

IB provides a customized handout for your employees with information about IB's broker services. This customized handout will be created upon registration. Click the button below for a generic sample of this document.

Employee Marketing Handout Sample

For information on SIPC coverage on your account, visit or call SIPC at 1 (202) 371-8300.