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2016 Tax Reporting Important Information and Dates
Find important 2016 tax-related information, forms and reporting dates.
Tax Information and Reporting January 3, 2017
Advisors can now get Invoice Notifications

To help Advisors meet compliance obligations, we can notify all of your clients about advisory fees to be deducted from their accounts before those fees are actually charged. These notices describe the method used to calculate the fee, the amount of the fee and the period covered by the fee.

Advisors can now choose how to notify their clients of advisory fee invoices by clicking the Configure Invoice Notifications button on the Manage Clients > Fees > Invoicing page.

Choose how we send these notices to all of your clients:

  • By email.
  • Through the Customer Service Message Center.
  • No notification at all. By default, your clients will NOT receive any notification about fees; the fees will automatically be deducted from their accounts.

For complete instructions, see Configure Invoice Notifications in the Account Management Users' Guide.

Configure Invoice Notifications November 25, 2016
Activity Statements are now available in CSV Format

We've updated the format for .CSV client invoice files uploaded by Advisors on the Manage Clients > Fees > Invoicing page.

The .CSV file containing multiple client invoices should contain the following fields in the following order (note that some fields are optional):

  • Client Account Number
  • Amount
  • Currency (USD, CAD, EUR, INR, CNH, etc.)
  • Memo (Optional field; this field can be left empty)
  • Money Manager Account Number (Optional field; use this field if the invoice is to be paid to a Money Manager or else leave empty)
  • Model (Optional field; this field can be left empty)

For more information, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

Account Management Users' Guide November 25, 2016
The Flat Fee Referral Program Interface has been upgraded

Referrers can now view client account status (open, funded, traded) in Account Management.

Referrer November 25, 2016
New PortfolioAnalyst Report - Trade Summary now available

We've added a new report to PortfolioAnalyst Detailed reports - the Trade Summary. The Trade Summary report shows information for all trades made in the selected time period, grouped by asset type and then by currency. Information includes symbol; description; sector; and quantity, average price and proceeds from buys and sells.

For more information about PortfolioAnalyst, see the Account Management Users' Guide.

PortfolioAnalyst November 25, 2016
Meet IBot – Our Natural Language Interface to Trading

IBot is our text-based interface to TWS designed to help you complete key trading tasks - like creating orders, viewing charts, getting quote details and seeing key account values – without having to navigate elsewhere.

To open IBot on IB TWS, select 'IBot – type to trade from the New Window drop down in Mosaic. Enter text in the entry field, for example 'Chart 6 months of aapl' and click 'Submit' to submit the command. IBot quickly displays the results.

If you need help, you can ask for it. For example, you could type 'help with orders' or 'help with quotes.'

To learn more about IBot, see the IBot Feature in Focus page. Coming soon: Support for voice commands.

IBot Feature in Focus November 25, 2016

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