Use the Tickers Page

Use the Tickers tab to:

To access the Tickers page, click the Tickers tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Ensure that TWS is running. In the User Name field under Which Trader Workstation? enter the username of the currently running workstation application to connect.

Tickers Tab Toolbar Buttons

The toolbar on the Tickers tab includes the following buttons. Their functionality is described in the table below:

Toolbar Button


Create Ticker

Opens the Ticker box. Enter information to create a market data line.

Combo Legs

Opens the Combination Legs box. Enter contract details to create legs of a combination order one by one.

Request Market Data

Select a line and click to get market data for the selected contract.

Set Refresh Rate

The Refresh Rate value is in milliseconds, and determines how often the DDE link to TWS is refreshed. The default refresh rate is 1000 (updates every 1 second), and the allowed range is 100ms to 2000ms, inclusive.

Note that the TWS market data updates every 300 milliseconds. This means the default "every 1 second" rate will only show 30% of the ticks. A Refresh Rate of 250 will get every tick to the spreadsheet.

Set Processing Rate

Set the TWS/DDE server message processing rate (also in milliseconds) to affect the speed at which DDE will handle requests between the spreadsheet and TWS. The allowed range is 100ms to 2000ms, inclusive.

Set Log Level

This specifies the level of log entry detail used when processing API requests. Valid values include:






Show Errors

Jumps to the Error Code field and shows the error code.

Show Bulletins

Opens the News Bulletins message. If you subscribe to bulletins, news will appear in the RED box in the upper right corner of the spreadsheet.

Clear All Links

Clears all DDE links to the TWS.


To create a ticker using the Create Ticker button

  1. Click the line number to the left of a blank row to select the row. You must have a blank row selected to create a ticker line.

  2. Click the Create Ticker button on the toolbar and enter information in the Tickers box.

To create a ticker on the spreadsheet

  1. Select a blank cell in the Symbol column and enter a symbol.

  2. Tab through the all contract description fields and enter data where necessary, for example if you are entering a stock ticker, you don't need values in the Expiry, Strike, P/C and Multiplier fields.

Note: The Exchange field accepts the following values: Smart (for smart order routing), and any valid exchange acronym.

  1. Click OK.

To request market data for a ticker

  1. Select the line for which you want to request market data by clicking in the row number.

  2. Press Ctrl + R, or on the toolbar, click Request Market Data.

To get market data for a group of tickers, hold the Shift key to select a series of rows, then click the Request Market Data row multiple times until all rows are showing data.

To set the level of detail for logging of API client requests

  1. In the Log Level field in the Which Trader Workstation? area, enter the desired log level value

  2. Move your cursor out of the Log Level field.

  3. From the Toolbar menu select Set Log Level.